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Outdoor excursions

    To thank staff for their hard paid to promote corporate culture, enhance team building, enhance the internal cohesion and show Jieshi Tai staff style, Zhejiang Jieshi Tai Electronics Co., Ltd. on April 18 trade unions organized a staff of outdoor BBQ.

    I thought that spring, and to the recovery of all things, this will be a sunny day a good day, who wants to bad weather, but rain washed up at 18 for all employees not to return disappointed, 8 am, the Czech Republic naproxen Lin, general manager of the staff total to lead to the destination - Dan River Reservoir departure. To reach the reservoir, this has to hold a series of outreach activities, but the weather, we had to start grouping the first barbecue. The staff is divided into 10 groups, each group began to receive food after fire, although sometimes rain poured down, sometimes drizzling, but in no way affect your mood, smart employees in the trunk with cloth tied for their cover played a little piece of heaven. The group members are washing food, there is fire, and we "you for my umbrella, I am for you rain," to help each other forward, and the scene warm and happy. Little rain, everyone playing together a "Fast Thinking", the process of laughter echoed col, warm and full of the same things in every person's heart. 15:00 return to the company, receive prizes after the game, with prizes for all this activity, in addition to the staff prize winning game, the staff also draw, everyone rewarding experience.

    The outdoor excursions fully embodies the spirit of division of labor among colleagues, we help each other, their hands and eat the most delicious food, but also let you feel the warmth of Jieshi Tai family, and promote the communication.