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Jieshitai company take in the "75th China Electronics Fair


    In April 9 --11,2010 , Jieshi Tai business sales went to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre participated in the electronics industry exhibition - the 75th China Electronics Fair. China Electronics Fair began in 1964, is the oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition. China Electronics Fair foundation with a leading electronic technology, to promote independent innovation of Chinese electronics industry, and China's electronics industry and grow together. With China's sustained and rapid economic development, China also was the rapid development of electronics industry, and increasingly become industrialized, market-oriented, integrated into the international sex industry. In the process of China's electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta region has played a leading role, in particular the potential of a huge electronic market in Shenzhen has become the fastest growing global electronics market, Jie Shitai company in Shenzhen exhibition is undoubtedly the right choice. The face of the electronics market prospects, the show Jie Shitai company exhibited its high-tech, high-quality products attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen.

    Jie Shitai enterprises to participate in this exhibition, all the audience show the company's good image, high-quality products and comprehensive strength of enterprises, in order to further expand the market and lay a good foundation.