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Congratulations Jieshi Tai won the award

    March 25, 2010, Yueqing economic work conference in the administrative center of the city government held a grand meeting room, meeting, party secretary Panxiao Zheng, mayor Jiang Zengyao made an important speech, and at the meeting reviewed the work in 2009 in recognition of advanced collectives and individuals, Zhejiang Jieshi Tai Electronics Co., Ltd. won the "growth of SMEs" award. This is the second in 2008 won the "focus on fostering business growth", the another was awarded "2009 SME Growth" award, and 100 winners in the fifth.

    Business growth is continually tap unused resources, process and mining of large enterprises but has not been the result of the use of resources. Business growth is the mining company has not been growing use of resources and performance practice. Growth companies play in society, certain social benefits: first, growing businesses to conserve resources. Second, the growth of enterprises is an important economic growth point. Third, the most promising growth companies to create brand names. Fourth, growing to become the leading enterprises, key enterprises. Fifth, the growth of small and medium enterprises to become the role model. Majority of SMEs are looking for role models, and growth companies is an example. The power of examples is endless, and sometimes call and book knowledge than the government even greater power. Growth companies have been able to achieve sustained rapid growth, with their growth capability, all with their institutional innovation, strategic innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, culture related. Once they experience these advanced by other SMEs to learn, it will effectively promote the general growth of SMEs.

    Jie Shitai business expectations to obtain awards, this award not only recognizes the achievements of enterprises in the past, but also the future growth of business-affirmation. Company leaders to thank all staff and the community Jieshi Tai business growth on the road by their hard work